Label Remover

Label Remover

Usually, label removers are made with steel plates with paint on them.

But, there was a consultation from a food factory putting weight on hygiene perspective. “We cannot use something structured like that.” Getting hints from there, our “stainless steel made label remover” was made.

This product is made from stainless steel and so cares very much for hygiene points. You can take off the labels easily with one hand. (The adhesive part is halfway out, so it is very easy.)

Also, if you take a look at the pictures and the video clips above, you can see how the mat is rolled automatically and folded small and compactly. In this way, the mat will not be messy and is easy to throw away.

It is a product that has many inquiries from food factories making convenience store and supermarket box lunches and delis.

We will sell by small lots too. Please contact us from the form below about the delivery date, price, etc.

Product name Label Remover
Model LD-70A