Film Cutter

Film Cutter

Film cutter GFF series is a product used mainly in convenience store box lunch factories.

OPP films are used to prevent food from getting dry and to prevent things like ketchup from getting stuck to the lid.

Previously, this OPP film was only used by skilled workers, since it was thin and was difficult to use.

But, as you can see from the video clip below, anyone can easily do this work by using our film cutter.

In addition to this, previously, we had to change the size of films depending on the type of box lunches, but when using this machine, all you have to do is set the roll film that fits the width of the box lunch and then it can cut by the length you prefer. So, you do not have to stock numerous types of films. In this way, we will contribute to cutting down supplies and costs.

This is used in many fields and getting high reviews. Main customers using film with our product are box lunch or deli factories of convenience stores and supermarkets, companies producing raw ham, major cafe chain shops, and cake shops.

We will sell by small lots too. Please contact us from the form below about the delivery date, price, etc.

Product name Film Cutter
Model GFF-180B


Fruit Film Cutter

This is a fruit film cutter developed to lessen the work of people who are involved in farming.

Strawberries and grapes are shipped after they are packed and covered with films. If they are mass-produced, this shipping operation is often automatized, but if they are in smaller portions, or cannot be automatized due to its shape, this work to paste films are done by hand.

If done by hand, the work included selecting size and packing, and then cutting the film to fit the package, so the workers had more work and decrease in efficiency. Also, glue can stick to their hands, so it was poor in sanitary and efficiency.

This fruit film cutter solves these problems. This is a product that can automatically cut films that have glue on both edges at perforation. These films are used for packs containing fruits such as strawberries.

Also, if you take out the cut film, the next one will come out automatically, so you don’t have to worry about films getting stacked or blown by the wind.
Films are set by the roll, and this product cuts only the amount you need, so you can minimize the amount of losses.

In addition to this, since this doesn’t use cutting blades or heat ray, you don’t have to worry about changing blades. It is also safe without heat, so there is a merit that there is no smoke, odor, or getting burns.

You can see at once how much efficient this product is if you look at the video clip below.

This is a product introduced to many farming associations ever since it was first sold. Many of them contact us, since it will enable them to ship goods sanitary, safely and speedy.

We will sell by small lots too. Please contact us from the form below about the delivery date, price, etc.

Product name Fruit Film Cutter
Model SFC-230