Front Fold Tape Cutter

Front Fold Tape Cutter

This is a front fold tape cutter that can fold the edge of one side of the tape.
You can fold the edges easily by applying to a normal tape cutter.

The movement is a little difficult to understand, so please take a look at the video clip.
The tape cutting part in the front folds the tape so you can pinch them with your finger and then can cut it just like the other tape cutters.


With this function, the consumers can peel the tape off conveniently, just by pinching it with fingers. It is preferred by many individuals and companies, since it shows courtesy to the recipient.

This product can be produced with OEM, so we can make it to fit many widths of tape. If you are interested, please contact us from the form below.

Product Name Front Fold Tape Cutter
Model FTC18


Product Movie