Packing Edge Fold Tape Cutter

Packing Edge Fold Tape Cutter

Packing edge fold tape cutter is a product used for packing cardboard boxes.

Not only it is used as high functional stationery and convenient goods, it is also used professionally, by companies treating packaging goods, mail shopping and logistics.

As you can see from the video clip below, you can hold the package with one hand and seal or cut the tape with another.

Also, the biggest point is that you can paste normal tape and get the edges folded (to use when taking it off).


So, the consumers who get the package won’t need a cutter and can open with their hands. This shows your customers that you care and would raise the customer satisfaction level.

You can use OPP craft tapes that are sold commonly, so you don’t have to purchase some special tape to use this.

This product is not only sold directly, but also take offers of customizing and OEM. If you are interested, please contact us from the form below.

Product name Packing Edge Fold Tape Cutter
Model BTC-50P


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