Product Category List

Product Category List

Film Cutter

This is a film cutter made to improve work efficiency, lessen film supplies and cut costs in factory lines such as convenience store box lunch, raw ham and cake stores.

This product quickly cuts glued fruit film used for strawberries and grapes. This is a fruit film cutter developed to lessen the work of people who are involved in farming.

Tape Cutter

This is a tape cutter used for packing. You can seal easily with just one hand, and since its edges are folded, you can open them again effortlessly. This is used as high functional stationery and as professional-use packing tool.

This front fold tape cutter uses tapes sold commonly and folds the edge on one side to make it easy to peel.

This is a side fold tape cutter (single) that uses normally sold tape and folds the sides.

This is a type that has 2 side fold tape cutters combined. It won’t take space even when working with few people and also can manage work with only this.


This is a label remover that was made from the request of food factory that puts weight on hygiene perspective. It uses stainless steel and rolls the mat automatically and compactly.