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Experimental production


Our motto, “realizing our customers’ needs” comes first in line. If you tell us the materials, picture plans, and the usage, we will consider any product.
If we go through them and it was realizable, we will work for the prototyping.
Please feel free to contact us.

The step of prototyping


Please contact us by phone, FAX or contact form. After you consult us, our staff will contact you ASAP. In this step, it would be smooth if you tell as the specific detail of your inquiry, as much as possible. The details you consult us will be confidential, so please don’t worry.



We will have a detailed discussion on materials, picture plans, specific features, quantities, and the terms of producing. If you need a confidentiality agreement, we will make a contract here. We will ask your requests and see if we can make it here.



We will make a prototype with the features we discussed about.



We will check the actions with you using the finished prototype. If it doesn’t seem to have any problems, we will accept offers on bulk producing.



Us Green Sea Corporations not only want to provide good products but also want to make products with more additional value with our partners.

We are already starting OEM production with our trading partners, such as major makers and business firms, and it is becoming one of our business points.

We do everything from prototyping, designing and producing in our company. We are determined to help you fully.

OEM Products

Film Cutter
Tape Cutter




There are many requests regarding the customized products that fit the requesting companies’ sizes.
Our company does production of customized products that suits your needs.
Even in small lots, if you have any request on width or size, please feel free to contact us.
(Also, the delivery date depends of the complexity of the requested customize, so please contact us on that as well.)

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