We are developing products that fit your needs everyday with our very own ideas and technology

Improvement in work efficiency! Cut down of film supplies and costs! Can be used for packing food and many other materials, it’s up to your ideas

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Introduced to many fields including major food processing factories and mail shopping business operators

Reassuring supports and mending, If you have any questions worries, or need mending, we will respond with our trust・safe support system.

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What is Green Sea Corporation?

We are a company developing, producing, and selling products such as film cutters, tape cutters, and bag sealers with our own technology. We have traded numerously with major manufacturers, and recently we have contacts about customized products from supermarkets, convenience stores, and farming associates. Please take a look at our products we present with pride.

We will do prototyping, OEM, and customizing

We have grown from solving our customers’ voice of “We need help/ We wish we had...” Even if they have given up after consulting different companies, we solved them with our own ideas and succeeded in prototyping. In this way, we made many products to practical use. Please let us help you by prototyping, OEM, and customizing.